About us

It all started when my partner and I sat down to watch a tv show on channel 4 about the man who buys anything. After being inspired I felt compelled to do the same but with very little money, limited space, and with no idea what would actually sell it was risky but we set out the very next day to look for bargains online nonetheless. To keep as much of our cash as we could in our pockets we opted to look only for freebies.

As these items people were giving away were free the competition to get it was fierce, to say the least! so it was absolutely essential that we established a great report with the seller before heading out to ensure they don't give the item to the first person who turns up or to someone who may offer to pay some money to snatch the deal for themselves.

After traveling up and down the country we managed to collect a wide range of items, turned our kitchen and living room into a storage facility but sales were coming in slow. However, what we noticed was that whenever we managed to get a sofa it would sell within a week maybe 2 and it would get the highest amount at that time compared to any other item we had and we had plenty so we decided to narrow our stock and focus our attention on only